Unorthodox Crafts
_ I was surprised when a brief trip to Maryland to celebrate my brother’s birthday brought unexpected business opportunities.  I thank my sister-in-law, Sarah,  for asking me to bring some of my products to the birthday party.  I thank my brother’s friends for being interested in hearing about my process – and then purchasing gifts for themselves and others, and offering to spread the word about my business.  I thank my mother’s friend for allowing me to create purses from her husband’s ties to preserve his memory.  I thank my friend, Robert, for contributing to my ever-growing stash of ties.

I am gradually learning that my new profession has value.  Certainly it is different from my previous profession.  But my products make people smile, bring back fond memories, and add color to the world.  And these things are worthwhile.

So, I will start working today on the custom orders I received while on my trip.  It is truly a labor of love to create items that already have homes: purses and eReader cases that will be filled with memories even before anything is actually placed inside them.