Unorthodox Crafts
Origami earrings in production
Yesterday I printed six sheets of new earring cards. As I was performing the mindless task of cutting them out - there are 10 cards per page -  I considered the fact that I had printed 100 cards not too long ago, and now they are nearly gone.  Although I do keep track of my sales month to month, my bookkeeping is more about the money than about how many earrings (or purses or cards) I have sold.  I make earrings in batches: I do a bunch of folding, then a bunch of gluing, then a bunch of painting (applying the water-resistant coating), then a bunch of assembly.  I don't count them as I make them.  I just re-fill my boxes, ensuring that I have a variety of colors and designs. I focus on the process, not the end result.  The numbers creep up gradually - I was amazed to realize that I had gone through 100 earring cards.

My stash of origami paper is another gauge of my production.  I buy paper from a variety of sources, in a variety of sizes.  Occasionally I buy a really large sheet: 24 x 18 inches. Working with pieces of paper as small as 3/4 x 3/4 inches, I am astounded that I ever use it up.  But last week I realized I was running low on some of my patterned paper.  Hmmm..... that is a lot of earrings!

I suppose I could look at my sales numbers every month and do the math to figure out how many pairs of earrings I have made.  But in some ways I enjoy not focusing on the numbersIt makes the mundane chore of printing and cutting earring cards more meaningful and fun.  And it prevents the process of making earrings from becoming a chore.  It's about creativity, not numbers.