Unorthodox Crafts
One-of-a-kind marbled paper
“Isn’t that paper a pleasure to work with?”  I realized Sarah was a kindred spirit when, in all seriousness, she asked me this.  Only someone who works with little pieces of paper – which other people would call scraps – would appreciate paper that folds easily and cuts straight.  Paper without grain.  Paper with small patterns in vibrant colors.

Meeting Sarah has meant more than finding a fellow paper-crafter, however.  Sarah is an amazing paper artist.  Not only does she make beautiful, fine-crafted book charms (, she also creates the most gorgeous and colorful marbled papers.  She has a fantastic eye for color and design.  And she has kindly shared her paper with me, allowing me to create one-of-a-kind origami earrings with her one-of-a-kind paper. 

I decided that the teardrop shape (which uses only one piece of paper for each earring) would showcase the paper better than the other earring styles.  Here are a few samples:

Thank you, Sarah!!